The FAG Agenda


This will be the third time that I’m writing a wall-o-text explanation on faggotry. The first time around when I wrote on this, I was motivated by pure annoyance at how people fail to argue against faggotry – and most of the time relying on religious narratives. However one doesn’t need faith and the Bible to take down the modern fag movement. In fact, that tactic is ineffective because fags learned to argue around religion, even if they don’t know jack shit about it.
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The Library Of Hate

Here are about 700 hatefacts (politically incorrect but true statements) on Islam, race, gender relations, ethnocentrism, diversity, and more. These facts and other commentary were originally posted on the@LibrarianofHate twitter account. This is by far the largest listing of politically incorrect facts to date, but it’s only a small sampling of everything out there.
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Stop The Fags!

Homosexuals make up less than 2% of the population, yet commit the vast majority of sexual crimes against children.  This is known as pedophilia, but better understood as pederasty.

The vast majority of crimes against children are ‘man on child offences’ (pederasty), although lesbians too commit a disproportionate amount of child molestation. The evidence is overwhelming, whether we’d like to admit it or not; homosexuals commit much more crimes dealing with the molestation of children. It needs to stop!

There is on ongoing attempt to normalize this behavior.  It’s been going on for quite some time.  Just as homosexuality was thought of as a perverse  and disgusting behavior in the 70’s by the majority of US citizens, today we understand that pedophilia is wrong and disgusting.

Yet in the years to come, it can easily be predicted that some day, pedophilia and pederasty will be accepted as normal.  Not only that, but people will be criticized for openly speaking against it.  The name “pederastophobia ” might soon be the new homophobia, which was only coined some 50 years ago.  How long will it take?  We must do something to stop it! Continue reading “Stop The Fags!”

Studies Identifying Problems With Homosexuality

Comparative Data of Childhood and Adolescence Molestation in Heterosexual and Homosexual Persons

Grown Children of Gay Parents Tell Courts How Gay Marriage Destroyed Their Childhood

How Different are the Adult Children of Parents who Have Same-Sex Relationships? reading “Studies Identifying Problems With Homosexuality”

Jewish Vampires

Part 1 of Pharisee Tales: Jewish Vampires

One can draw many parallels between the jew and the image of the vampire: both are parasitic and drain the life force out of the host –in the case of the vampire the victim and in the case of the Jews an unwitting nation. Both have a symbolic connection to blood, and contact with either of them taints the blood.

The people we today call “Jews” are literally the descendants of Satan.

Dracula’s role as racial outsider results from Stoker giving him Jewish attributes and largely basing him on depictions of the Wandering Jew.

“The Wandering Jew”

Stoker was very interested in the legend of the Wandering Jew, whose attributes are echoed in Dracula.

Dracula’s evil and supernatural nature and his blasphemy of Christianity ultimately cast him in the role of Antichrist.

Count Dracula is the faithful embodiment of the caricature of the Jew as greedy and parasitic.

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Faggotry Sympathy: The Normalization of Pederasty & Pedophilia

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