Homosexuality: Legitimate Alternate DEATHSTYLE

Dick Hafer (July 20, 1937 – July 5, 2003) was an American comics artist. He is best known for his Christian and conservative comics with strong political and anti-extramarital sexuality views.

Hafer wrote about 70 comics. Although he is known most for his controversial political comics, Hafer covered a wide variety of topics: from church life (Church Chuckles), to model railroads (Sometimes You Gotta Compromise: A Light-Hearted Look at Model Railroading–And Model Railroaders), to dog ownership (So You Want a Dog: Questionable Answers to Your Questions About Doggie Ownership).

Hafer is best known for his conservative social and religious views. One of his most controversial comics was the 1986 anti-homosexual comic Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative Deathstyle. One of his best selling works was I Know That We’re a Throw-Away Society, but This is Ridiculous!, an anti-abortion pamphlet published 1988. He also specifically targeted politicians of the Democratic Party: he parodied Ted Kennedy in Every Family Has One: Little Black Sheep (1982), and Michael Dukakis in Magical Mike (1988). -wikipedia

Homosexuality: Legitimate Alternate DEATHSTYLE (1986) by Dick Hafer (1937 – 2003)

The person who scanned these and put them available online did not upload the whole book so many pages are missing, but this is the largest compendium of this book you will find on the internet.

The uploader meant to expose Hafer for his “hateful” views.  This comes from a collection called “Comics With Problems”. ( http://www.ep.tc/ )  Well, no problem here, Mr Hafer did a great job with illustrating the truth and was NOT an asshole, as these scans say at the bottom.  

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