Jewish Vampires

Part 1 of Pharisee Tales: Jewish Vampires

One can draw many parallels between the jew and the image of the vampire: both are parasitic and drain the life force out of the host –in the case of the vampire the victim and in the case of the Jews an unwitting nation. Both have a symbolic connection to blood, and contact with either of them taints the blood.

The people we today call “Jews” are literally the descendants of Satan.

Dracula’s role as racial outsider results from Stoker giving him Jewish attributes and largely basing him on depictions of the Wandering Jew.

“The Wandering Jew”

Stoker was very interested in the legend of the Wandering Jew, whose attributes are echoed in Dracula.

Dracula’s evil and supernatural nature and his blasphemy of Christianity ultimately cast him in the role of Antichrist.

Count Dracula is the faithful embodiment of the caricature of the Jew as greedy and parasitic.

The obvious physical similarity between the Wandering Jew and all vampires is the emphasis upon the eyes. Dracula has the same powerful hypnotic eyes attributed to the Wandering Jew

In the natural world, the living feed on the dead, but Dracula is the dead who feeds on the living, and by this feeding he prolongs his life

Dracula’s ability to “vanish and come unknown” also links him to the Wandering Jew who inexplicably can appear and disappear from places, especially at moments of historical importance

Stoker also builds upon the Wandering Jew’s connection to the biblical Cain in his depiction of Dracula. The Wandering Jew traditionally bears a mark on his forehead that recalls the mark God gave to Cain for murdering Abel.


The imminent B.F. Jackson in his series of books entitled “The Mystery of the Serpent,” has indeed documented the detailed information concerning the “dead” blood of a Jew. We shall not quote, but will paraphrase some of this enlightening information.

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood.” (Leviticus 17:11)

There are a multitude of scriptures that identify the Jews as being (spiritually and materially) dead from the womb, from birth.

They are not children of Yahweh, they are a cabal of Luciferian children that are literal vampires and parasites, deriving their physical existence from the blood and material assets of the children of Yahweh. All deceit, crime, corruption, perversion, and anti-Christ activity in the world, can be traced to it’s origin, the Jew and his proselytes.

Revelation 20:1-3 tells us that Satan and his minions of Jews will be isolated from the world for a thousand years, in which time most of all of these vampires shall be consumed by Tay Sachs disease for lack of man’s blood.

The people we call jews, who are not of Judah’s stock, are the  Canaanite-Edomite children of the adversary, the Hebrew word for Satan.  They are anti-Logos, they are anti-God, they are anti-Yahweh.

Luckily our ancestors encoded clues into popular culture, board games, film, fables, and the like.  They understood that at one time it may be unfashionable to point out the jew for who they truly are.

They knew that their progeny would eventually be brainwashed to oblivion on the JQ.  And since the jews owned almost all the media, even at that time, they understood that they’d  have to encode this occulted  knowledge where ever they could, hidden in plain sight, for all to see and hear, and that, is just what they did.

Blood Passover

Jewish Ritual Murder

Who Are the jews?

The Talmud writes that a “Mohel (Circumciser) who does not suck, creates a danger and should be dismissed from practice.  –wikipedia

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